Monday, October 25, 2010

Servlet API's gluten strength

In the September 26, 2005, Sun introduced the latest version of Servlet API: Servlet2.5. The Servlet API and the previous Servlet is very different. The biggest difference is Servlet2.5 is based solely on J2SE5.0 of. Therefore, it naturally has all the characteristics of the J2SE5.0. Servlet2.5 use J2SE5.0 the configuration of the comment features make it easier. However, in 2005 J2SE5.0 introduced not long ago, the Web server to support J2SE5.0 not many, it was Servlet2.5 in use and did not immediately popular. Two years later, Sun has introduced the Servlet based J2SE5.0 the second version of 3.0 (that is JSR-315). In this version added a lot of interesting features. Such as programmable login logout configuration through annotations, asynchronous communication. Let us look at Servet3.0 following main features.

A more flexible Web Framework

Now almost all Java-based Web frameworks are built on top of the Servlet. Most Web frameworks are by Servlets or web.xml to configure and released. The newly added annotation features J2SE provides us with a better choice. We can use annotation to set Servlets, Listeners, filters and so on. But the comment is written directly in the program and can not dynamically change the configuration, therefore, JSR also provides two ways to operate Servlet. This Web application will have more flexibility.

2, EOD support

Servlet3.0 will use a variety of techniques to enhance the capacity of API. Such as the type of use Note to declare the program. This will be one of the goals EOD: make Web program zero configuration. In other words we will use the release to cover the traditional description of the configuration of the article. There is the generic application, will greatly enhance the process of Servlet's expression. J2SE version of the will in the future by adding the ability to support other languages, it also helps increase the strength of Servlet API itself.

Third, support for asynchronous communication

Servlet3.0 asynchronous communication support the following features:

1. Nonblocking (Non-blocking) input: the use of such input, the data for some reason can not yet arrived when the program will not be blocked.

2. Non-blocking output: and non-blocking input similar to that when writing data due to network problems and slow process will not be blocked.

3. Delay request processing: in AJAXWeb client program can send asynchronous requests to the server until the timeout or event returns to handle the request. Delay request is also very useful in other areas, such as processing of data before we have to get some resources, but these resources are in remote networks, but the speed is not fast. This requires asynchronous to deal with this situation.

4. Obstruction - non-blocking notification: This function is to inform the information into blocking or non-blocking events. Then extracted by the client is responsible.

5. Support channel: channel is JDK1.4 and above to provide a new communication API. Channel can be better used for network communication. Can also enhance the creation, subscription, cancellation and other security operations.

6. Security: support for logon and log off function.

7. Other features

(1) support the Welcome screen.

(2) ServletContentListener sort.

(3) initialize the size of the container can be customized.

(4) can monitor the file upload process.

The above is only a part of properties Servlet3.0. These features can be seen from, Servlet API does have a lot of flying, in addition to Servlet, EJB3.0 also use the new features J2SE5.0 rebirth. Perhaps in the near future Servlet3.0 and EJB3.0 will become the new combination, in the J2EE application plays an important role, let us wait and see!

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Frontpage2000 Jianzhan contrast detail - Relative 98

Frontpage is now a very popular web design tools, as editing them is very easy to use, so well loved by everyone, especially some of the primary web designer for Macromedia, although there was a "Three Musketeers" I am surrounded by tight,鍥藉唴涔熸椂涓嶆椂鏈夌被浼糃UTEPAGE鐨勨?鏂扮鈥濆姞鍏ワ紝浣嗘槸鐩镐俊Frontpage鐨勭敤鎴蜂粛鐒朵笉鍦ㄥ皯鏁帮紝杩涘叆2000骞达紝寰蒋鍏徃缁堜簬椤哄埄鐨勪互office2000鐨勬崋缁戝舰寮忔帹鍑轰簡Frontpage2000锛屾柊鐗團rontpage鍦ㄤ娇鐢ㄧ晫闈笂瀹炵幇浜嗙紪杈戝櫒鍜屾祻瑙堝櫒鐨勮瀺鍚堬紝骞跺璁稿鍘熸湁鐨勫姛鑳戒綔浜嗙獊鐮存?鐨勬敼杩涳紝鍙互璇村湪淇濇寔鏄撶敤鎬х殑鍩虹涓婂寮轰簡涓撲笟鍖栫▼搴︺?

涓嬮潰涓昏缁嗚嚧鐨勫姣斾竴涓?8鍜?000鍦ㄥ缓绔欎娇鐢ㄤ笂鐨勫紓鍚岀偣锛屽綋鐒堕噸瑕佺殑鏄府鍔╄?鐢ㄦ埛鏈?揩鐨勬帉鎻℃柊鐨勪娇鐢ㄦ妧宸у拰鏂规硶銆?br />
1>鍏充簬娴忚鍣‥xplore 鍜?缂栬緫鍣‥ditor鐨勮瀺鍚堬細

浣跨敤鏃х増鏈現rontpage鐨勭敤鎴蜂竴瀹氬鍘熸湁鐩镐簰鍒嗙鐨勭紪杈戝櫒鍜屾祻瑙堝櫒璁板繂鐘规柊浜嗭紝寰堟槑鏄剧殑鍦ㄥ畬鎴愬畨瑁呬互鍚庯紝瀹夎鐩綍涓嬩細鍖呭惈鏈夊悇鑷殑鍚姩鎵ц鏂囦欢锛?br />

鑰屽湪2000涓綘涓嶄細鍦ㄧ湅鍒扮嫭绔嬬殑浠栦滑鍥犱负杩欓噷宸茬粡瀹屽叏缁撳悎浜嗭紝浠庝笂闈㈢殑鍚姩鏂囦欢鍥炬爣涓浉淇′綘涔熻兘鐪嬪嚭鏉ョ殑锛屽湪98涓綘鍙互閫氳繃娴忚鍣ㄧ獥鍙e缓绔嬬綉绔欐垨鏄渶瑕佺殑缃戦〉锛岄?杩囩紪杈戝櫒鎵撳紑骞剁紪杈戞寚瀹氱殑缃戦〉鍐呭锛?000涓?杩囩獥鍙g殑璋冩暣鍒囨崲杈惧埌浜嗗緢濂界殑缁撳悎锛屼粠鑰屾彁楂樹簡鎿嶄綔鐨勬柟渚挎?銆?br />
2>缃戠珯鐨勫缓绔嬪拰鎵撳紑锛?br />

2000涓缓绔嬫柊缃戠珯涔熸槸閫氳繃 鈥滄枃浠垛?-鈥滄柊寤衡?-鈥滅珯鐐光?瀹炵幇鐨勶紝涓嶈繃鍏朵腑缃戠珯鐨勬樉绀哄舰寮忓樊鍒瘮杈冨ぇ锛岃?涓婇潰璋堝埌鐨勭紪杈戝櫒鍚屾祻瑙堝櫒鐨勮瀺鍚堜篃鎭版伆浣撶幇鍦ㄨ繖涓?偣涓婏細




鍦?8涓彲浠ョ洿鎺ュ弻鍑绘祻瑙堝櫒涓渶瑕佹墦寮?殑缃戦〉鍗冲彲锛屾墍浠ユ垜浠繀椤诲厛鍒囨崲鍒版祻瑙堝櫒绐楀彛锛岃?2000涓凡缁忊?鍚堜簩涓轰竴鈥濅簡锛岄偅涔堟垜浠?鏍峰緢椤哄埄鐨勬墦寮?寚瀹氱殑缃戦〉鍛紵杩欎竴鐐瑰綋鐒朵笉鐢ㄦ媴蹇冿紝濡傛灉浣犵粏鐪嬬殑璇濓紝2000鐨勬柊寤哄拰鎵撳紑宸ュ叿鏍忓悓98骞朵笉瀹屽叏鐩稿悓锛屽湪浠栦滑鐨勫彸杈归兘鏈変竴涓笅鎷夌澶达紝鐢ㄤ簬閫夋嫨鍏蜂綋鐨勭洰鏍囷紝瀵圭収鏄剧ず濡傚浘锛?br />



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Friday, September 24, 2010

Neusoft transition stranded behind the overall market rejections

"Because some aspects of the company's innovation program in the current rule is still in the exploration stage, the CSRC approved the reorganization of the Commission did not our current proposed solutions."

September 14, 2007, Neusoft shares (Shanghai Stock Exchange code: 600718) Conversion of merger application was not approved Neusoft Group. 15, Neusoft Group through the internal mail system "issued a letter to employees" in the words points to the application is not the whole story.

September 15, long-term follow Neusoft the Hai Tong Securities analyst Chen Mei-feng has been informed that the computer industry, the overall listing of Neusoft Group, has received approval of the SFC. But that night, Chen also told sudden issuance examination committee rejected the application is the SFC. News of the day, Neusoft shares fell 10.01%, ranking among the top one decline in the two cities.

Neusoft shares announced on January 22 this year on the Neusoft Group overall listing of specific programs, the conversion of convertible Bili of merger plan was 1:3.5, Ji 涓滃寳 Technological Industries of Universities Group Youxiangongsi Deng 10 shareholders held East Soft Group 3.5 yuan per capital contributions into a soft shareholders shares in the capital. Convertible absorption merger is completed, Neusoft shares is the surviving company, Neusoft Group canceled a legal personality all its assets and liabilities undertaking by the surviving corporation.

Although the overall listing plan rejected by the Commission, or in the internal mail Neusoft Group, said the company will continue to actively explore new models and programs.

Was determined to win

Neusoft thought almost certain.

The night of 18 January 2007, thank the media in the New Year at Neusoft Neusoft Neusoft Group and chairman Liu Jiren meaningfully shares on the "IT Times" said: "Neusoft announced today suspended Monday you have something to busy a. "

After a weekend, January 22, Neusoft Shares issued a public notice, will be convertible in the way of merger shareholder Neusoft Group, the latter to achieve the overall market. Day, Neusoft shares opened the daily limit to 26.94 yuan. In the past quarter, Neusoft price of the shares along the way from 10 yuan rose to 24 yuan. Publish the date of resumption of trading, the stock price movements of four consecutive daily limit also shows the capital market's pursuit of the program. With the day's stock price 24.49 yuan compared to the current price of the shares Neusoft has more than 40 yuan (Sept. 24 closing price), and have nearly doubled the increase.

After the semiannual reports published data indicates that many institutions are to continue to overweight Neusoft shares. Many brokerage research institutions have given their time "buy" or "strongly recommended" investment rating.

Chen Mei-feng was in its research report that the overall market performance will be significantly thicker. Yin Ming Everbright Securities is also the study report that the overall listing of Neusoft Group, the Group will achieve the integration of export and outsourcing resources, greatly enhance the profitability of listed companies. Meanwhile, the Neusoft Group is able to become the leading export of the software outsourcing industry, with good long-term growth.

Neusoft Neusoft shares also seems to think that the group's overall listing plan passed no problem, and has issued a notice of creditors to determine the cash option and other preparations for a third party notice, the program has won the Ministry of Education, the SASAC, business Department approval.

However, the Commission then failed to pass the customs.

Was not the result of

The program was eventually listed as a whole rejected the Commission, the crux of Neusoft Group Employee Stock mechanisms on the surface.

Recalled the circumstances in 2005, Neusoft Group, a staff of correspondents, said: "I thought to go back to school abroad, but if left in the Neusoft Group Employee Stock Ownership Association Shares that point, there is no." Accordingly, staff said, Neusoft Group then began to plan the overall market. He apparently did not last two years, in vain, if the overall market success of Neusoft, he will become a millionaire overnight. Therefore, the overall number of public employees has become a dream of Neusoft Group to do.

ESOP is in a golden handcuffs Neusoft retain talent. January 22 this year, Liu Jiren said in an interview, Neusoft Neusoft Group employee stock ownership is the second shareholder, holding approximately 23.42%.

Convertible absorption in accordance with the proposed merger: Neusoft share price of 24.49 yuan convertible (18-day closing price), Neusoft Group's convertible price is 7.00 yuan exchange ratio of 1:3.5, Neusoft Group 10 Click the proportion of shareholders will be replaced by Neusoft shareholders. Neusoft Neusoft Group currently holds 50.30% shares of the equity market integration, the Neusoft Neusoft ESOP will hold shares of approximately 11.8% of new equity.

Those of securities, issuance examination committee, as a division of China Securities Regulatory Commission, whose members in addition to the Commission staff, there are law academics, experts in economic circles, some experts would likely veto Neusoft program. Because the A shares in the ownership structure of listed companies, listed companies is currently no way similar to Neusoft Group held by the trust on behalf of the employee stock ownership structure.

Neusoft Group of trade unions in trust held by Warburg Trust on behalf of the 23.42% stake in Neusoft Group, if the overall market programs were implemented, the Warburg Trust will hold a 17.17% stake in listed companies, these shares was to the east, led by Liu Jiren Soft employees hold. Neusoft shares on February 16 issued a notice shows that more than 2,500 employees held the shares.

To September 14 before the 50.87 yuan Neusoft suspension design, Neusoft Neusoft Group assets into shares, Neusoft will be the total capital stock to 2.8 billion shares now expanded to more than 500 million shares, the market value of more than 25 billion yuan Neusoft, Staff will be more than 4.3 billion yuan worth. Among them, Liu Jiren personal worth to more than 140 million yuan, the company net worth of the top 10 executives more than 540 million yuan.

King & Wood, said a lawyer, the Commission specified trade union can not serve as a listed company, Neusoft was designed by the trust company shares held on behalf of the employee shares, but the trust company holding potential conflict of interest with the employees, shareholders, employees can not exercise interest, trust company owned by the program so was rejected.

And different views of capital circles is that the application has not been adopted by Liu Jiren because the Commission that Neusoft's educational resources require long-term investment assets, not included in the listing of the business. He said the reason why the Neusoft Group to educational assets into the listed business, mainly to facilitate coordination between various business companies, especially for software outsourcing talent pool available. Neusoft's entire future in the layout, the software outsourcing is the most important business support Neusoft. As the development of software outsourcing most active advocates, Liu Jiren Neusoft has been advocated on the increase investment in software outsourcing.

According to correspondents know, Neusoft Group is already the largest software outsourcing company, engaged in software outsourcing and employs more than 7,000 in 2006, software outsourcing, revenue more than 100 million U.S. dollars, with such as Alpine, Toshiba, Nokia, Sony , NEC, Hitachi, Panasonic, and EMC, a large number of long-term and stable customer base.

Liu Jiren software outsourcing in explaining the development of Neusoft had pointed out that the personnel issue is the biggest problem the software outsourcing development, Neusoft rapid development of software outsourcing business, due to affiliated companies provide a wealth of information on college talent pool.

Neusoft a proposal that the software outsourcing and information coordination between the Neusoft Institute of the future is critical, should be included in listed companies as a whole to the operation of effective coordination.

It is understood that Neusoft has obtained a license issued by the Ministry of Education, allowing for social admissions. However, industry believes that the frequent fluctuations in the company operations, if the impact of school operation by the company's operations, the school will be subject to such frequent fluctuations, and therefore not included in the education business business of the issuer.

The second round of restructuring

In fact, the overall market in addition to the wish of the Group employees, Liu Jiren this as the second transition will be.

Neusoft in the first transition is due to China's software industry, environmental and many other factors, the software business can not be profitable, they will tend to focus on systems integration and digital medical hardware business; this transformation, Neusoft Neusoft with software outsourcing to change the business structure, access to capital market acceptance, and then through the capital market forces the software industry bigger.

Since 2000, with the Internet bubble burst, Neusoft performance all the way down, the stock has been dwindling. It is in this context, Liu Jiren began to seek breakthrough.

First, to develop software outsourcing business, with Neusoft and Panasonic, Alpine and other Japanese companies, the relationship between the software outsourcing business from the start, the progressive development of the EU, the U.S. software outsourcing business, clients include Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, etc.; followed digital enclosure, in Nanhai, Guangdong, Chengdu, Dalian, and the establishment of Information Technology, School of Information set up in the Software Park, Neusoft's software outsourcing business will expand to Dalian, Chengdu, Nanjing and other places.

In addition, Neusoft Group also introduced a strategic shareholders, including SAP, Intel, Philips and other multinational giants. To the end of 2006, in addition to Northeastern University Technology and Industry Group, Warburg Trust and Investment Co., Ltd. are two shareholders, the shareholders also include Neusoft Group Alpine Electronics (China) Limited (19.02% stake), Baoshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (holding 13.53%), Toshiba Solutions Co., Ltd. (6.47% stake), Intel Pacific, Inc. (holding 5.80%), Philips Electronics China Limited (owned 2.77%), Alpine Co., Ltd. (owned 2.23 %), SAP, Inc. (holding 1.81%), Toshiba Corporation (holding 0.92%).

With the cooperation of capital, the introduction of these companies Neusoft software outsourcing business. Liu Jiren admitted: "with Toshiba, Alpine co-operation, as Neusoft to the development of R & D outsourcing, paving the way with the Philips, Intel, SAP's co-operation, while paving the way Neusoft on the European and American business." At this point, Liu Jiren Neusoft built for the three business architecture - software outsourcing, digital health care, system integration. However, in addition to all the systems integration business is Neusoft shares, the remaining two businesses share Jieyou Neusoft Neusoft Group and copies, resulting in competition between the two, and there are many problems associated with trading.

Liu Jiren Biao Shi, Neusoft listed as a whole will achieve synergy and integration of three aspects: one is to reduce connected transactions; 2 yes reduce Ji Tuan Yu shares between companies Ye Wu conflict; third is through the management team and the various resources restructuring and improve corporate operational efficiency.

Although the overall market was rejected, but still have expectations Neusoft. Neusoft Listed solicitor general Jiang Wei Po on "IT Times" said, after listing of Neusoft Group is going quite well, including the circulation of the shareholders general meeting of shareholders on the proposal Neusoft also overwhelmingly approved, the delay should be adjustable in the SFC within the scope will not affect the final results Neusoft overall market.

"No such things being compared are normal, after a communication can be a good solution. Neusoft's determination will not be changed in transition." Liu Jiren said.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rising harm the user did not apologize for doing odd tiger, said to be practical

Rising against the false door before the event occurs, April 29, Rising company issued a public statement acknowledging that the software is indeed a Rising block Web sites containing Google Analytics situation, and said the issue has been resolved within one hour, the current not much affected users. There is such a "friendly fire" Rising product is technically a problem? For this incident affected users, Rising further written apology will express comfort or sincerity? This, IT Business News Network's once again call the Rising Company Vice President Ma just be further confirmation.

According to public statements Rising explained: "Because hackers point in hanging horse website address in Google Analytics embedded in the URL used to hang horse Statistics website traffic", Rui Xingyun security system will automatically added to the black of such web site to intercept the list, which led to the "friendly fire." Rising cloud security system then what is? Why become unsafe up, Rising product technical problems? This, Rising Vice President Ma has just explained that, "All products will have a technical loophole to avoid errors 100% is not possible. our products will have problems adjusting in time, timely collection of unknown risks, to make up the shortfall. "

What is a security system for Ruixing Yun, Ma just were not explained, but let's go to the official website View Rising. For the incident affected users, Rising whether there will be further apology or compensation? Ma just said that as the accident less extensive, probably thousands of people nationwide, and the Rising after receiving user feedback, before and after an hour treatment is over, so there is no need to open in the media to apologize to the users, but the official site in the Rising to the user for further explanation.

For this security incidents, Rising seems to not care, if similar incidents are commonplace, that the industry is unnecessary fuss about this, before the deadline, the reporter also did not find Rising time, active users admit to any signs or actions all seemed so natural, so if nothing had happened. This really true? Is it true, Ma just said, the customers and the impact was not large? Reporter then interviewed Rising false door of this incident involving another company Qihoo 360.

It is odd tiger 360 introduced April 28 afternoon, 360 requests for assistance, upon receipt of a large number of customer complaints, reflecting the 360-Security Center Home by Rising Software interception, visit Rising prompted to "you want to access the page that contains Trojans, and malicious scripts", point to The "horse hung" web site traffic analysis Google online website (, the user 360 therefore doubt the safety of the site, then hao360 site navigation, odd tiger net, odd cool net Qihoo 360's Home users are also more than was found in fully functional Rising security software and personal firewall blocking phenomenon, caused a large number of users access difficulties, on the odd tiger 360 the reputation of its Web site is causing serious injury.

After analysis of 360 emergency safety engineer with the 360 Security Center Home, hao360 site navigation, Qi Qi tiger tiger nets more than 360 Home Page and Google's online traffic analysis site ( there is no phenomenon linked to horse , false positives can be confirmed RISING.

It is reported that, Google online traffic analysis web site is provided by Google's public web page for the statistical behavior of traffic and access information such as free tools. Many domestic websites are the tools embedded in your website home page and other important pages, so that user access to statistical information.

It is odd tiger 360 introducing, as one of the major domestic security companies, currently, 360 security guards reached 200 million users. Error bar in this case, 360 and Rising tens of millions of users by coincidence should not have any interference, 360 products and websites are also part of this process was the user's misunderstanding. We hope that this is only accidental errors Rising product, not doped with other business competition.

"Any concept of security vendors should not be speculation, but encouraged to go to work, improve technology for customer service." For the so-called cloud Rising security system false alarm events, 360 odd tiger that understanding false positives, manslaughter is the security industry can not avoid the problem, but not an excuse, but need to strengthen further testing, strict management, if there are problems, not only in time to solve the problem, also deal with relevant parties affected expressed sincere enough, rather than casual in public relations for prevarication.

The following is the official website of Rising on the "cloud security" technology advantage against Trojans:

Rising has 10 million clients, to cover every corner of the Internet, with powerful Internet threat perception can be found in the shortest time, deal with a flood of viruses intercepted and horse hung site.

Rising malicious site database is updated via the Internet in a timely manner, and will be the first time in Malaysia this link to a malicious Web site library.

After dealing with the problem of transient solutions can send to all users and partners, against emerging threats in advance so that each user can enjoy the "cloud security" security brought results.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

SAN terminology Reference Table

SAN Glossary (A - G)

ABTS (suspension of basic link services)

ACC (link service to accept response): the extended link service requests (such as FLOGI) normal response, that request has been accepted.

Access fairness (fair access): a process for the protection of competition, the node can access to the arbitration loop.

Access method (access methods): access to the physical network to transfer data

ACK (acknowledgment frame): for end to end flow control, to the Class-1 and Class-2 to connect one or more frames that confirm the successful reception

Active copper (copper activities): allows devices to connect to 33 meters from the copper connection

Address identifier (address identifier): a 24-bit number, used to indicate the link-layer address of communications equipment. Frame header of each data frame identifier in the two addresses were used to identify the source ID and destination ID.

Alias server (alias server): a recommended standard, FC-PH-3 components. It uses the well known address FFFFF8, and maintain an identifier mapping table to support the multicast group management.

AL_PA (Arbitrated Loop Physical Address): an 8-bit value, used to identify access to the arbitration loop equipment.

AL_TIME (Arbitrated Loop Timeout value): In the worst case network conditions, the time required for broadcasting a double word value. The default value is 15 milliseconds (ms).

ANSI (American National Standards Institute): The United States standard authorities.

ARB (arbitration of the original language): only for the arbitration loop topology, as the node loop port (L_Port) fill word transmission, indicating that the node can access to the loop.

Arbitrated Loop (Arbitrated Loop): a shared 100 Mbps Fibre Channel transmission link, to support 126 devices and one to the architecture of the access port, the port of Arbitrated Loop Physical Address (AL_PA) smaller the value, its priority higher.

Arbitration (arbitration): address of the shared loop topology of the competition, a reasonable allocation of link resources.

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol): TCP / IP protocol as an integral part of IP address used to convert the Ethernet address (ie link layer MAC address).

ASIC (application-specific integrated circuits)

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode): A high-speed packet switching technology, used by local area network or wide area network data, the data packet has a fixed length. It provides network connectivity between any two points, and each node can transmit data simultaneously.

Bandwidth (bandwidth): cable, chain or system transfer data.

BB_Credit (buffer to buffer credit number): one can be used to determine the number of frames sent to the receiver data.

Broadcast (Radio): The structure of a packet sent to port all the N_Port

Bypass circuitry (bypass circuit): When the valid signal is lost during transmission, the use of the circuit auto-bypass signal path on a device.

CAM (content addressable memory)

Camp on recommended as the optimal structure of the connection request queue means, so that the order of connection requests received more reasonable.

Cascade (Cascade): connecting two or more Fibre Channel hubs or switches to increase the number of ports and expansion of network coverage. Usually the maximum number of seven cascades. But the SilkWorm 1000 switch cascade number up to 32, SilkWorm 2000 switch is as high as 239.

CDR (Clock and Data Recovery Circuit)

CEConformit茅 Europ茅enne.

Channel (Channel): point to point links for data transmission from the network point to another point.

CIM (Common Information Model): a management structure that allows the use of a general program management of various different resources.

Class 1 connection oriented service level, need to send and receive frame confirmation.

Class 2 a connectionless service level, the need for N_Port port to send and receive frames between the confirmation.

Class 3 a connectionless service level, the port without the need of the N_Port the frame between the sending and receiving confirmation.

Class 4 a kind of connection-oriented service levels, allowing the use of some of the bandwidth virtual circuit.

Class 6 connection-oriented multicast services. Mainly for the central server and client video broadcasting.

Class F a connectionless service level, on the expansion port (E_Port) data transmission between the success or failure notification.

CLS (undo original language): only for the arbitration loop, from a port to send to another L_Port L_Port port for closing the existing connection, undo the dialogue.

Community (community): In the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the relationship between agent and management station set mainly on the authentication, access control, and the definition of agent properties.

Controller (Controller): A computer module for interpretation of signals between the host and peripheral controller is usually part of peripherals.

COS (service level)

CRC (cyclic redundancy check): a coding test method, used for data transmission error detection and correction.

Credit (credit value): that F / FL_Port port to the N / NL_Port ports provide the maximum amount of the value of the buffer to prevent N / NL_Port port to send too much data frame, the receiver buffer overflow.

Cut-through (shortcut exchange): a switching technology that allows the purpose of obtaining the frame immediately after the addresses to make routing decisions.

Datagram (packet): A Class 3 Fibre Channel service that allows to quickly send data to multiple devices connected with the structure without the need to receive confirmation.

Dedicated simplex (Special Single): Allow an N_Port port to maintain a Class 1 connection in the same time, as the initiator port initialization and the dialogue between the other N_Port.

Disparity (Special Single): Allow an N_Port port to maintain a Class 1 connection in the same time, as the initiator port initialization and the dialogue between the other N_Port.

DLS (dynamic load balancing): Fx or E_Port port allows re-calculation of route changes.

Domain ID (field identifier): for the SilkWorm 2000 series switches assigned a unique number between 1-239, for the structure, said the switch.

DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing): see wave division multiplexing, allows sharing of optical waves of different wavelengths.

E_D_TOV (fault detection timeout value): an operation can allow the maximum time of data back and forth over this time still no response, that is error.

EE_Credit (end to end credit value): not confirmed the maximum number of frames, the two communication devices for the management of the exchange between the frames.

EIA (Electronic Industries Association)

8b/10b encoding (8b/10b encoding): A coding scheme, an 8-bit bytes are encoded in two 10-bit characters, for the balance of high-speed bit stream number of 1 and 0.

ELP (extended-link process)

Emulex host bus adapter brand

EOF (frame terminator): a fixed bit sequence, marking the end of the frame.

E_Port (expansion port): used to connect two switches.

Exchange (Exchange): high-level Fibre Channel mechanism used for one-way between the two N_Port port or two-way communication.

Fabric (exchange): high-level Fibre Channel mechanism used for one-way between the two N_Port port or two-way communication.

FAN (notification framework): the loop re-initialization, save Arbitrated Loop Physical Address and structure of the address (requires switch support).

F_BSY (port busy frame structure): send this frame structure, said structure or purpose of the N_Port port as busy and can not send the data work.

FCA (Fibre Channel Association)

FC-0 Fibre Channel network to the bottom of the physical media.

FC-1 This layer includes 8b/10b encoding scheme.

FC-2 This layer is responsible for framing and protocol, frame structure, sequence / exchange management and use of a fixed character set.

FC-3 This layer includes a node for multiple N_Port port of the universal service.

FC-4 This layer is responsible for dealing with standards and configuration file, services in the upper layer protocol (such as SCSI and IP) to the Fibre Channel protocol mapping work.

FC-AL (Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop)

FC-AV Fibre Channel Audio Visual.

FC-CT (Fibre Channel Common Transport)

FC-FG (Fibre Channel General requirements)

FC-FLA (Fibre Channel loop access)

FC-GS (Fibre Channel Generic Services)

FC-GS-2 (second generation Fibre Channel Generic Services)

FC_IP (IP protocol for Fibre Channel)

FC-PH (Fibre Channel Physical Protocol): used for FC-0, FC-1 and FC-2 layer of the physical and signaling protocol, and also on the signaling link, physical media types and speeds were provided.

FC-PH-2 (second-generation physical interface)

FC-PH-3 (third-generation physical interface)

F_RJT (architecture port refused to frame): send a command frame structure, used to indicate the frame to send the request was denied. Reasons for rejection may not support the service level, frame header is invalid or not available N_Port port.

FC_SB (Fibre Channel single-byte)

FC-SW (Fibre Channel switch fabric): provides for the interconnection and initialization of Fibre Channel switches, tools and algorithms to a multi-switch Fibre Channel architecture.

FC-SW-2 (second generation Fibre Channel switch fabric): provides for the interconnection and initialization of Fibre Channel switches, Fibre Channel switches to form the multi-structure algorithms and tools.

FC_VI (Fibre Channel Virtual Interface)

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

FCIA (Fibre Channel Industry Association): The task is to Fibre Channel product training and marketing.

FCLC (Fibre Channel loop Societies)

FCP (Fibre Channel Protocol): Defines the SCSI interface to the Fibre Channel mapping.

FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface): American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop the network architecture standards MAN, FDDI network built on fiber, can provide 100 megabits per second transmission capacity.

FFFFF5Class 6 multicast server known Fibre Channel address

FFFFF6 clock synchronization server known Fibre Channel address

FFFFF7 secure key distribution server, known Fibre Channel address

FFFFF8 alias server known Fibre Channel address

FFFFF9 Quality of Service (QoS) providers, known Fibre Channel address

FFFFFA management server known Fibre Channel address

FFFFFB time servers known Fibre Channel address

FFFFFC directory server known Fibre Channel address

FFFFFD structure known Fibre Channel address of the controller

FFFFFEF_Port known port Fibre Channel address

FFFFFF known broadcast address

Fill word known broadcast address

FL_Port (architecture loop port): used to loop connected to the structure, need to enable optical loop interface card LED. It is the loop NL_Port entrance port access infrastructure.

Flash (Flash): A programmable NVRAM memory, which can save data.

FLOGI (architecture login): node logic switch connected to the structure of the process.

F_Port a kind of framework with the N_Port port connection port.

Fractional Bandwidth (part of the bandwidth): Use the link part of the bandwidth of data transmission, each N_Port port up to 254 Class 4 connections.

Frame (frame): the definition for network transmission and data unit, the frame starting delimiter (SOF), frame header, data portion, cyclic redundancy check (CRC) and frame terminator (EOF) of several parts. Data part of the length of 0-2112 bytes, CRC length is 4 bytes.

FRU (field-replaceable unit): failure to replace the parts.

FSP (Fibre Channel Service Protocol): used for all services in common FC-4 level agreements, and transparent in structure type and network topology.

FSPF (Fabric Shortest Path First Protocol): A Fibre Channel switch for routing protocols.

Full duplex (full duplex): In a connection at the same time to send and receive data.

Full fabric citizenship (all structure members): You can log on to the name service loop equipment

Gateway (Gateway): the network used to connect incompatible equipment, software and hardware to provide the necessary conversion work.

GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter): a removable transceiver modules provide Gigabit Fibre Channel and the transition between the physical layer.

Gbps Gigabit per second

GBps Gigabytes per second

Gigabit1, 062,500,000 bits

GLM (Gigabit Link Module): A semi-transparent transceiver with a serial / string and conversion functions.

G_Port (Universal Port): Support E_Port port or port function F_Port

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

SAN Glossary (H - N)

HBA (host bus adapter) server or workstation bus and the interface between the Fibre Channel network.

HiPPI (High Performance Parallel Interface): A 800Mbit/sec interface, usually used for super-computer environment.

Hot swappable (hot replace): you can power-up state for replacement parts.

HSSDC high-speed serial data connection

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): used for World Wide Web (WWW) standard TCP / IP transport protocol.

Hub (Hub): Fibre Channel line connector loop topology is used to shrink as the star topology. Hub can automatically identify an activity node, and added to the loop, and stop working was out of the loop node.

Hunt Group (looking for group): an alias ID registration number N_Por port to its route structure to the free port.

Idle (Idle): When the link is no need to transfer data, send a continuous fixed binary sequence of activities to maintain the link. Also used to maintain bit, byte and word synchronization.

In-band (Band): In the fiber channel protocol for managing data transmission.

Initiator (boot device): In the Fibre Channel network, storage devices with the initiation of the transaction between the parties, can be a server or workstation.

Intercabinet (cabinet room layout): Copper set up a standard that allows connection between the cabinet up to 33 meters distance.

Intermix (mixed): Class 1 connection to allow the idle bandwidth is used for Class 2 or Class 3 connections.

Interswitch (inter-switch links): See ISL

Intracabinet (cabinet wiring): Copper set up a standard that allows the cabinet wiring length 13 meters.

IOD (ordered to send): a set parameters to ensure that each frame in order to send, otherwise discard the frame.

IP (Internet Protocol): TCP / IP protocol component is responsible for the host address and network-related work.

IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface

ISL (inter-switch links): between the two switches connected through E_Port port.

Isolated E_Port (isolation E_Port port): ISL connection exists, but because of overlapping domain ID or no ID parameters such as E_D_TOV, which led to the switch without a data transfer, this time it is in isolation E_Port port.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Jaycor a host bus adapter brand

JBOD (disk bundle): number of disks are configured as a unit of arbitration loop.

Jitter (Jitter): When the byte stream through the physical media, the time synchronization offset.

A special 10-bit K28.5 character is used to indicate the beginning of Fibre Channel command frame.

LAN (Local Area Network): transmission distance is less than 5 km network.

Latency (store and forward time): a network device data frames in the stay in the time frame to reach from the device to be forwarded between the time-consuming.

LED (light emitting diode): A status indicator in the switch, usually yellow, green and two states.

Link (Link Control Device): a terminal card, different modes of Fibre Channel physical and logical link control.

LIFA (Circle the initial structure of distribution frame): contains the framework for the distribution of all arbitration loop physical address (AL_PA) bitmap is selected loop initialization process after temporary loop master controller sends the first frame .

LIHA (loop initialization hard assigned frame): a bit sequence from the allocation of arbitration, said the hard-loop physical address (AL_PA), a loop initialization process after selection of the temporary loop master controller sends the third frame .

LILP (loop initialization hard assigned frame): a bit sequence from the allocation of arbitration, said the hard-loop physical address (AL_PA), a loop initialization process after selection of the temporary loop master controller sends the third frame .

Link (link): a two-way, point to point serial data channel.

LIP (loop initialization process): for loop address, instruction loop failure or restart the node method.

LIPA (loop initialization pre-allocation): in the last loop initialization process logged into the device structure is marked in the frame a bit.

LIRP (loop initialization report position of the frame): the loop initialization process, all L_Port AL_PA address port selected to send its first frame. The frame is sent after the inspections in the loop to collect all L_Port port relative physical location information. The frame is optional frame.

LISA (loop initialization software distribution frame): the loop initialization process to send the fourth frame. The frame selected after a temporary loop master controller to send.

LISM (loop initialization master controller select the frame): the loop initialization process, when L_Port port selection arbitration loop physical address (AL_PA) when sending the first frame.

Login server (log server): the logon request unit.

LoomBrocade second-generation architecture-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) of the Code. Second-generation ASIC architecture for the SilkWorm 2xxx series switches.

Looplet (small loop): from architecture to connect the private arbitration loop.

LPB (loop port bypass): from a node loop port (L_Port) to send the original language sequence, used to bypass the other it points to the node loop port. Only for the arbitration loop.

LPE (loop port enabled): sent by a node loop port sequence of the original language is used to activate the original language by LPB another node loop port bypass, only for the arbitration loop.

L_Port (node loop port): the port in support of arbitration agreements loop

LPSM (loop port state machine): Monitoring and implementation of initialization tasks and access to the structure of a logic. By the node loop port management to track the different stages of loop operation status.

LR (Link Reset): a primitive sequence, in two N_Port port (Point to Point topology), or an N_Port port with a F_Port port (architecture topology) link between the use of the initialization process. Expectations agreed to a LRR primitive sequence (see below).

LRR (Link reset response): a primitive sequence, in two N_Port port (Point to Point topology), or an N_Port port with a F_Port port (architecture topology) link between the use of the initialization process, as LR primitive sequence in response to expectations of a free response.

LWL (Long Fiber): Connector color code is blue laser based on 1300 mm, support 1.0625 Gbit / s link speed.


Mbps (megabits / second)

MBps (megabytes / sec)

Metric (step): A relative value assigned to the router, used to help calculate the shortest path.

MIA (media interface adapter): the connection between the optical fiber to copper conversion equipment.

MIB (Media Interface Adapter): the connection between the optical fiber to copper conversion equipment.

MRK (marker of the original language signal): only for the arbitration loop, sent by the L_Port port for sending and receiving side to achieve synchronization. Different manufacturers have different definitions of the signal.

MTBF (mean interval between failure)

Multicast (Multicast): a limited broadcast, send information to the network port on a group of N_Port.

Multimode (multimode fiber): a fiber size that allows the transmission distance between devices to 500 meters.

Name Server / Service (multi-mode fiber): a fiber size that allows the transmission distance between devices to 500 meters.

NAS (network storage device): a disk array connected to the controller through the controller access to the LAN.

NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol): used for tape backup, without taking up server resources.

NIC (network interface card)

NL_Port (node loop port): Support for Arbitrated Loop protocol port.

Node (node): Fibre Channel devices support one or more ports.

Node name (node name): A node assigned to the Fibre Channel 64-bit identifier.

Non-OFC a laser transceiver, because of its low intensity without the need for open fiber control.

Nonparticipating Mode (multi-join mode): When access to the loop in the device more than 127, making it impossible to obtain the physical address of the arbitration loop, then into this mode.

NOS (not primitives, sequence): a primitive sequence, in two N_Port port (Point to Point topology), or an N_Port port with a F_Port port (architecture topology) link between the use of the initialization process. The primitive sequence for the port to detect link failures to send or receive up not loop.

N_Port (N_Port port): framework or point to point connection of Fibre Channel ports.

SAN Glossary (O - Z)

OFC (Open Architecture Control): A permit or prohibit the high-intensity laser transceiver, the method of laser signals.

OLS (offline primitive sequence): a primitive sequence, in two N_Port port (Point to Point topology), or an N_Port port with a F_Port
Port (architecture topology) link between the use of the initialization process. The primitive sequence that is trying to initialize the port to send a link has been identified NOS primitive sequence, or about offline. The expected response for the link reset primitives (LR).

聽聽聽 Operation(鎿嶄綔)锛氫竴涓狥C-2鐢ㄨ锛屾寚寤虹珛鍖哄潡銆?br />
聽聽聽 OPN(杩炴帴寤虹珛鍘熻淇″彿)锛氬彧鐢ㄤ簬浠茶鐜矾锛岀敱鑾峰緱浠茶杩涚▼鐨?L_Port 绔彛鍙戦?锛屼互寤虹珛涓庣幆璺腑鍏跺畠绔彛鐨勪細璇濄?

聽聽聽 Ordered set(鏈夊簭闆?锛氫竴缁勪綆灞傚崗璁紝瀵瑰抚浼犺緭锛屽垵濮嬪寲鍜屼粙璐ㄨ闂繘琛岀鐞嗭紝骞跺尯鍒嗗厜绾ら?閬撲腑鐨勬帶鍒朵俊鎭拰鏁版嵁銆?br />
聽聽聽 Originator (鍙戣捣鏂?锛氬惎鍔ㄥ璇濈殑 N_Port 绔彛

聽聽聽 Out-of-band(甯﹀)锛氬湪鍏夌氦閫氶亾缃戠粶涔嬪(閫氬父鏄湪浠ュお缃?杩涜鐨勭鐞嗗崗璁俊鎭殑浼犺緭銆?br />
聽聽聽 OX_ID (鍙戣捣鏂逛細璇濇爣璇嗙)锛氭暟鎹抚甯уご涓殑涓?釜涓ゅ瓧鑺傚煙锛岀敤鏉ユ寚绀哄抚鎵?睘鐨勮繛鎺ャ?

聽聽聽 Parallel(骞惰)锛氬湪澶氭潯绾胯矾涓婂悓鏃朵紶杈撴暟鎹綅銆?br />
聽聽聽 Participating Mode(鍔犲叆妯″紡)锛歀_Port 绔彛鐨勬甯告搷浣滄ā寮忥紝 L_Port 绔彛鍙栧緱浠茶鐜矾鐗╃悊鍦板潃鍚庡嵆宸ヤ綔鍦ㄦ妯″紡涓嬨?

聽聽聽 Passive copper A low-cost copper fibre channel connection allowing distances up to 13 meters (14 yards) between devices.

聽聽聽 PBC (绔彛鏃佽矾鐢佃矾)锛氶泦绾垮櫒鎴栫鐩樿澶囦腑鐨勪竴涓數璺紝鐢ㄤ簬鎵撳紑鎴栧叧闂竴涓幆璺互鍔犲叆鎴栫Щ璧拌妭鐐广?

聽聽聽 PLDA(绉佹湁鐜矾鐩存帴杩炴帴)锛氫竴涓?杈戠幆璺?

聽聽聽 PLOGI涓?釜绔彛瀵圭鍙g櫥褰曡繘绋嬨?閫氳繃璇ヨ繃绋嬶紝鍙戣捣鏂瑰悓鐩爣寤虹珛瀵硅瘽銆?br />
聽聽聽 Point to Point(鐐瑰鐐?锛氫袱璁惧涔嬮棿涓撶敤鐨勫厜绾ら?閬撹繛鎺ャ?

聽聽聽 Port(绔彛)锛氫竴涓厜绾ら?閬撳叆鍙o紝鐢ㄤ簬灏嗚妭鐐硅繛鎺ュ埌缃戠粶涓?

聽聽聽 Port Log(绔彛鏃ュ織)锛氫氦鎹㈡満鎵?湁娲诲姩鐨勪竴浠借褰曘?

聽聽聽 Port Log Dump(绔彛鏃ュ織鏌ョ湅)锛氫竴涓鍙栫鍙f棩蹇楃殑鍛戒护锛屼互鏌ョ湅浜ゆ崲鏈轰腑鍙戠敓鐨勪簨浠躲?

聽聽聽 Port name(绔彛鍚?锛氫竴涓垎閰嶇粰鍏夌氦閫氶亾绔彛鐨?4姣旂壒鏍囪瘑绗?br />
聽聽聽 POST(鍔犵數鑷)锛氫氦鎹㈡満妫?煡鍏堕儴浠剁殑渚嬭绋嬪簭銆?br />
聽聽聽 Primitive sequence(鍘熻搴忓垪)锛氫竴涓『搴忔瘮鐗归泦锛岀敤浜庢寚绀烘垨鍚姩缃戠粶浠嬭川鐨勭姸鎬佽浆鎹紝鑷冲皯闇?杩炵画鍙戦?涓夐亶锛屾帴鏀舵柟鎵嶄細鍋氬嚭搴旂瓟銆?br />
聽聽聽 Primitive signals (鍘熻淇″彿)锛氫竴涓『搴忔瘮鐗归泦锛岀敤浜庢寚绀烘椿鍔ㄦ垨浜嬩欢銆傚彧闇?彂閫佷竴娆★紝瀵规柟鍗充細浣滃嚭搴旂瓟銆傜┖闂?Idle)鍜屽氨缁?R_RDY)鐢ㄤ簬鎵?湁鐨勪笁绉嶆嫇鎵戠粨鏋?ARB锛孫PN鍜孋LS)涓紝MRK鍙敤浜庝徊瑁佺幆璺腑銆?br />
聽聽聽 Private device(涓撶敤璁惧)锛氭敮鎸佺幆璺紝鍙瘑鍒?姣旂壒鍦板潃锛屼絾涓嶈兘鐧诲綍鍒版灦鏋勪腑銆?br />
聽聽聽 Private loop(涓撶敤鐜矾)锛氭湭杩炴帴鍒版灦鏋勪腑鐨勪徊瑁佺幆璺?

聽聽聽 Private loop device(涓撶敤鐜矾璁惧)锛氭湭杩炴帴鍒扮粨鏋勪腑鐨勪徊瑁佺幆璺澶囷紝

聽聽聽 Private NL_Port(涓撶敤 NL_Port 绔彛)锛氬叕鍏辨垨涓撶敤鐜矾涓殑涓?釜 NL_Port 绔彛锛屽彧涓庣幆璺腑鐨勫叾瀹冪鍙i?淇★紝涓庢灦鏋勪箣闂翠笉杩涜閫氫俊銆?br />
聽聽聽 PSU鐢垫簮

聽聽聽 Public device(鍏叡璁惧)锛氭棦鏀寔鐜矾锛屽張鑳藉鐧诲綍鍒版灦鏋勪腑鐨勮澶囥?

聽聽聽 Public loop(鍏叡鐜矾)锛氳繛鎺ュ埌鏋舵瀯涓婄殑涓?釜浠茶鐜矾銆?br />
聽聽聽 Public loop device(鍏叡鐜矾璁惧)锛氫竴涓敮鎸佹灦鏋勭櫥褰曞拰鏈嶅姟鐨勪徊瑁佺幆璺澶囥?

聽聽聽 Public NL_Port(鍏叡 NL_Port 绔彛)锛氭棦鍙笌鐜矾涓叾瀹冪鍙i?淇★紝鍙堝彲閫氳繃 FL_Port 绔彛涓庢灦鏋勪腑鐨?N_Port 绔彛閫氫俊鐨凬L_Port绔彛銆?br />
聽聽聽 Qlogic(鍏叡 NL_Port 绔彛)锛氭棦鍙笌鐜矾涓叾瀹冪鍙i?淇★紝鍙堝彲閫氳繃 FL_Port 绔彛涓庢灦鏋勪腑鐨?N_Port 绔彛閫氫俊鐨凬L_Port绔彛銆?br />
聽聽聽 QoS(鏈嶅姟璐ㄩ噺)

聽聽聽 Queue(闃熷垪)锛氬湪灏嗗抚鍙戦?鍒扮幆璺腑涔嬪墠锛屽湪姣忎釜浠茶鐜矾鐗╃悊鍦板潃澶勬敹闆嗗抚鐨勬満鍒躲?

聽聽聽 QuickLoop(蹇?鐜矾)锛欱rocade 鍏徃鐨勪竴涓蒋浠朵骇鍝侊紝鍏佽涓?釜浜ゆ崲鏈虹殑澶氱鍙g粍鎴愪竴涓?杈戠鏈夌幆璺洿鎺ヨ繛鎺?PLDA)銆?br />
聽聽聽 RAID(寤変环纾佺洏鍐椾綑闃靛垪)锛氭湇鍔″櫒鍙皢鍏惰涓哄崟涓?嵎鐨勪竴缁勭鐩橈紝閫氳繃纾佺洏闀滃儚鎴栧鍋舵牎楠屾妧鏈?鍏峰瀹归敊鎬с?

聽聽聽 R_A_TOV(璧勬簮鍒嗛厤瓒呮椂鍊?锛氱敤浜庤秴鏃舵搷浣滀腑锛屾寚涓?釜甯у湪鏋舵瀯涓殑鏈?暱鍏佽鍋滅暀鏃堕棿銆?br />
聽聽聽 Receiver(鎺ユ敹鏂?锛氳繘琛屼俊鍙锋娴嬪強澶勭悊宸ヤ綔鐨勮澶囥?

聽聽聽 Redundancy(鍐椾綑)锛氱淮鎸佸涓悓鍔熻兘鐨勯儴浠朵互鑾峰緱楂樺彲鐢ㄦ?銆?br />
聽聽聽 Remote switch(杩滅▼浜ゆ崲鏈?锛氫竴涓?杩囪绠楁満缃戠粶鎶?湳缃戝叧璺ㄨ秺ATM缃戠粶鐨勫彲閫夎澶囥?

聽聽聽 Repeater(涓户鍣?锛氶?杩囨仮澶嶆椂閽熷啀鐢熷苟浼犺緭澶栧彂淇″彿鐨勮澶囥?

聽聽聽 Responder(涓户鍣?锛氶?杩囨仮澶嶆椂閽熷啀鐢熷苟浼犺緭澶栧彂淇″彿鐨勮澶囥?

聽聽聽 Retimer(閲嶅畾鏃跺櫒)锛氫娇鐢ㄧ嫭绔嬫椂閽熶骇鐢熷鍙戜俊鍙风殑璁惧銆?br />
聽聽聽 Route(璺敱)锛氫袱浜ゆ崲鏈轰箣闂寸殑涓?潯閫氳矾銆?br />
聽聽聽 R_RDY(鎺ュ彈鏂瑰氨缁?锛氫竴涓師璇俊鍙凤紝琛ㄧず鎺ユ敹鏂瑰噯澶囨帴鏀舵暟鎹?

聽聽聽 RSCN(鐘舵?鏀瑰彉閫氱煡)锛氫氦鎹㈡満鍏峰鐨勪竴椤瑰姛鑳斤紝璐熻矗鍦ㄦ灦鏋勬湰韬垨鍏跺唴閮ㄧ姸鎬佸彂鐢熸敼鍙樻椂锛岄?鐭ユ敞鍐岀殑鑺傜偣銆?br />
聽聽聽 R_T_TOV(鏀跺彂鏂硅秴鏃跺?)锛氭帴鏀舵柟閲囩敤姝ゅ?鏉ユ娴嬫敹鍙戞柟鍚屾鏄惁涓㈠け銆?br />
聽聽聽 RX_ID(搴旂瓟鏂硅繛鎺ユ爣璇嗙)锛氬抚澶翠腑鐨勪竴涓袱瀛楄妭鍩燂紝搴旂瓟鏂瑰埄鐢ㄥ叾鍊兼潵鎸囩ず甯ф墍灞炵殑杩炴帴銆?br />
聽聽聽 S_ID(婧怚D)锛氬抚澶翠腑涓?釜涓夊瓧鑺傚煙锛屽叾鍊间负璇ュ抚鍙戦?绔彛鐨勫湴鍧?爣璇嗙銆?br />
聽聽聽 SAN(瀛樺偍鍖虹綉缁?锛氶?杩囧厜绾ゅ皢璁$畻璁惧鍜岀鐩樻垨纾佸甫闃靛垪鐩歌繛缁勬垚鐨勭綉缁滐紝鐢ㄤ簬瀛樺偍鐩殑銆?br />
聽聽聽 SCR(鐘舵?鏀瑰彉娉ㄥ唽)锛氫娇鐢ㄦ鍛戒护杩涜娉ㄥ唽鐨勮澶囨墠鍙互鎺ユ敹 RSCN 閫氱煡銆?br />
聽聽聽 SCSI(灏忓瀷璁$畻鏈虹郴缁熸帴鍙?锛氫竴涓苟琛屾?绾垮熀纭?粨鏋勬瀬鍏跺崗璁紝鐢ㄤ簬鍦?5-25绫崇殑璺濈涓婁紶杈撳ぇ鐨勬暟鎹潡銆?br />
聽聽聽 SCSI-2鎬荤嚎缁撴瀯鐨勬洿楂樼増鏈?

聽聽聽 SCSI-3鐢ㄤ簬涓茶绾胯矾鐨凷CSI鎬荤嚎鏍囧噯銆?br />
聽聽聽 SEQ_ID(搴忓垪鏍囪瘑绗?锛氬抚澶翠腑鐨勪竴涓崟瀛楄妭鍩熴?杩炴帴鐨勫簲绛旀柟鍒╃敤鍏跺?鏍囪瘑甯ф墍灞炵殑杩炴帴銆?br />
聽聽聽 Sequence(甯у簭鍒?锛氫粠涓?釜 N_Port 绔彛鍒板彟涓?釜 N_Port 绔彛鍙戦?鐨勪竴缁勭浉鍏冲抚銆?br />
聽聽聽 Sequence initiator(搴忓垪鍙戣捣鏂?锛氫骇鐢熷苟鍙戦?涓?釜鏂板簭鍒楃殑 N_Port 绔彛銆?br />
聽聽聽 Sequence recipient(搴忓垪鎺ユ敹鏂?锛氱壒瀹氬簭鍒楃殑鐩殑 N_Port 绔彛銆?br />
聽聽聽 SERDES(涓茶骞惰杞崲鐢佃矾)锛氬皢涓茶姣旂壒娴佽浆鎹负骞惰瀛楃鎴栬繘琛屽弽鍚戣浆鎹㈠伐浣滅殑鐢佃矾銆?br />
聽聽聽 Serial(涓茶)锛氬湪鍗曚竴绾胯矾涓婇『搴忚繘琛屾暟鎹瘮鐗逛紶杈撱?

聽聽聽 Server(鏈嶅姟鍣?锛氫竴涓腑澶绠楁満锛氬鐞嗙粓绔敤鎴疯姹傛垨杩愯搴旂敤绋嬪簭銆?br />
聽聽聽 SES(SCSI鎺ュ彛鐙珛璁惧鏈嶅姟)锛歋CSI鍗忚缁勭殑涓?釜瀛愰泦锛岀敤鏉ョ洃瑙嗙嫭绔嬭澶囩殑娓╁害锛屼緵鐢靛拰椋庢墖鐘舵?銆?br />
聽聽聽 SilkWormBrocade 鍏徃绯诲垪浜ゆ崲鏈哄搧鐗屻?

聽聽聽 Single mode(鍗曟ā鍏夌氦)锛氫竴绉嶅厜绾よ鏍硷紝鍏佽璁惧涔嬮棿鐨勪紶杈撹窛绂昏揪鍒?0鍏噷銆?br />
聽聽聽 sLink service(sLink 鏈嶅姟)锛氫綅浜庢灦鏋勪笌涓?釜 N_Port 绔彛鎴栦袱涓?N_Port 绔彛涔嬮棿锛岀敤浜庣櫥褰曪紝搴忓垪/浼犺緭绠$悊鍜岀淮鎸佽繛鎺ョ殑璁惧銆?br />
聽聽聽 SMI(绠$悊淇℃伅缁撴瀯)锛氫竴涓敤浜庤缃垨鑾峰彇绠?崟缃戠粶绠$悊鍗忚(SNMP)绠$悊鍙橀噺鐨勭鍙风粨鏋勩?

聽聽聽 SNMP(绠?崟缃戠粶绠$悊鍗忚)锛歍CP/IP鍗忚缁勪腑鐨勪竴涓崗璁紝鐢ㄤ簬TCP/IP缃戠粶鐨勭鐞嗭紝閲囩敤浠g悊鍜屽伐浣滅珯鐨勭鐞嗘柟寮忋?

聽聽聽 SNS(绠?崟鍚嶅瓧鏈嶅姟鍣?鏈嶅姟)锛氱敱鏋舵瀯鏈嶅姟鍣ㄦ彁渚涚殑涓?鏈嶅姟锛岀敤浜庡瓨鍌ㄦ灦鏋勭浉鍏冲璞$殑鍚嶅瓧锛屽湴鍧?拰灞炴?銆備俊鎭彲鍦ㄩ珮閫熺紦鍐插尯淇濈暀15鍒嗛挓銆備篃琚О涓虹洰褰曟湇鍔°?

聽聽聽 SOF (甯ц捣濮嬬)锛氫竴缁勫浐瀹氭瘮鐗癸紝鏍囪瘑甯х殑寮?鍜屾湇鍔$骇鍒?

聽聽聽 SoIP(IP缃戠粶涓婄殑SCSI鎺ュ彛)

聽聽聽 SONET(鍚屾鍏夌氦缃戠粶)锛氫竴涓厜绾ょ綉缁滄爣鍑嗭紝鍙彁渚涚Н鏈ㄥ紡缁勪欢鍜岀伒娲荤殑鍑?嵎鏄犲皠銆?br />
聽聽聽 Special character(鐗规畩瀛楃)锛氫竴涓?0姣旂壒瀛楃锛屾棤瀵瑰簲鐨?姣旂壒鍊硷紝浣嗕粛琚涓烘湁鏁堝?锛岀敤浜庤〃绀烘煇涓?紶杈撳瓧鏄竴涓湁搴忔瘮鐗归泦銆傚畠鏄敮涓?彲鑳藉寘鍚繛缁?涓?鎴?涓?鐨勫瓧绗︺?

聽聽聽 SRM(瀛樺偍璧勬簮绠$悊)锛氬纾佺洏鍗峰拰鏂囦欢璧勬簮鐨勭鐞嗐?

聽聽聽 Stealth mode(绐冪敤妯″紡)锛氫竴浜涗氦鎹㈡満浣跨敤QuickLoop 绋嬪簭浠ュ彇寰楀悓Brocade浜ゆ崲鏈虹浉浼肩殑宸ヤ綔鐗规?锛岃繖绉嶆柟娉曠О涓虹獌鐢ㄦā寮忋?

聽聽聽 Storage(瀛樺偍璁惧)锛氱敤浜庡瓨鍌ㄦ暟鎹殑璁惧锛屽纾佺洏鎴栫甯?br />
聽聽聽 Store-and-forward(瀛樺偍璁惧)锛氱敤浜庡瓨鍌ㄦ暟鎹殑璁惧锛屽纾佺洏鎴栫甯?br />
聽聽聽 Striping(纾佺洏鏉$汗)锛氫竴绉峈AID鎶?湳锛屽皢鏂囦欢鍒嗗壊鎴愬潡鍐欏涓鐩樹腑锛屽甫濂囧伓鏍¢獙鎴栦笉甯﹀鍋舵牎楠屻?

聽聽聽 Switch(浜ゆ崲鏈?锛氫竴绉嶆灦鏋勮澶囷紝鍙负姣忎釜绔彛鎻愪緵鍏ㄩ儴甯﹀骞堕?杩囬摼璺眰鍦板潃瀹炵幇楂橀?鏁版嵁璺敱銆?br />
聽聽聽 SWL (鐭尝鍏夌氦)锛氳繛鎺ュ櫒鑹茬爜涓洪粦鑹诧紝鍩轰簬850姣背婵?厜锛屾敮鎸?.0625鍗冨厗姣旂壒/绉掔殑閾捐矾閫熷害銆?br />
聽聽聽 T11(T11鏍囧噯濮斿憳浼?锛氫竴涓爣鍑嗗鍛樹細锛岃嚧鍔涗簬涓轰腑澶绠楁満鏀跺彂鏁版嵁鍒惰鏍囧噯銆?br />
聽聽聽 Tachyon鐢盚P鍏徃寮?彂鐨勪竴绉嶈姱鐗囷紝鍙敤浜庡绉嶈澶囷紝鍦ㄤ竴涓姱鐗囦笂闆嗘垚鏈塅C-0鍒癋C-2銆?br />
聽聽聽 Target(瀛樺偍鐩爣)锛氬厜绾ら?閬撶綉缁滀腑鐨勪竴涓鐩橀樀鍒楁垨纾佸甫鏈恒?

聽聽聽 TCP/IP(浼犺緭鎺у埗鍗忚/缃戦檯鍗忚)锛欼nternet鐨勬爣鍑嗗崗璁粍

聽聽聽 Telnet鍩轰簬TCP/IP鐨勮繙绋嬭櫄鎷熺粓绔?

聽聽聽 Tenancy(閾捐矾绉熺敤)锛氱綉缁滆澶囧浠茶鐜矾鐨勪复鏃跺崰鐢紝浠ヤ究杩涜鏁版嵁浼犺緭銆?br />
聽聽聽 Time server(鏃堕棿鏈嶅姟鍣?锛氫竴绉嶅厜绾ら?閬撴湇鍔★紝鍙鐞嗘墍鏈夊畾鏃跺櫒

聽聽聽 Topology(鎷撴墤)锛氱綉缁滅粨鏋勪腑璁惧鐨勭墿鐞嗘垨閫昏緫甯冨眬銆?br />
聽聽聽 TPC(绗笁鏂规嫹璐?锛氫竴绉嶇甯﹀浠藉崗璁紝鏃犻渶鍗犵敤鏈嶅姟鍣ㄨ祫婧愩?

聽聽聽 Transceiver(绗笁鏂规嫹璐?锛氫竴绉嶇甯﹀浠藉崗璁紝鏃犻渶鍗犵敤鏈嶅姟鍣ㄨ祫婧愩?

聽聽聽 Translative mode(杞Щ妯″紡)锛氬厑璁稿叕鐢ㄨ澶囧悓涓撶敤璁惧璺ㄦ灦鏋勮繘琛岄?淇°?

聽聽聽 Transmission character(浼犺緭瀛楃)锛氬湪鍏夌氦閫氶亾涓繛缁紶杈撶殑鏈夋晥鎴栨棤鏁堝瓧绗︺?

聽聽聽 Transmission word(浼犺緭瀛楃)锛氬湪鍏夌氦閫氶亾涓繛缁紶杈撶殑鏈夋晥鎴栨棤鏁堝瓧绗︺?

聽聽聽 Trap(闄烽槺)锛氱畝鍗曠綉缁滅鐞嗗崗璁殑涓?鏈哄埗锛屼唬鐞嗛?杩囪鏈哄埗鍚戠鐞嗙珯鍙戦?閲嶅ぇ浜嬩欢閫氱煡銆?br />
聽聽聽 TTL(鐢熷瓨鏈?锛氫竴涓潯鐩湪缂撳瓨涓殑瀛樼暀鏃堕棿銆?br />
聽聽聽 Tunneling(闅ч亾鎶?湳)锛氫竴绉嶅湪涓嶅悓缃戠粶闂翠紶杈撴暟鎹殑鎶?湳锛岄?鐢ㄦ儏鍐碉細婧愪富鏈轰笌鐩殑涓绘満鎵?湪缃戠粶涓哄悓涓?被鍨嬶紝涓棿杞彂缃戠粶涓哄叾瀹冪被鍨嬨?

聽聽聽 U_Port (闅ч亾鎶?湳)锛氫竴绉嶅湪涓嶅悓缃戠粶闂翠紶杈撴暟鎹殑鎶?湳锛岄?鐢ㄦ儏鍐碉細婧愪富鏈轰笌鐩殑涓绘満鎵?湪缃戠粶涓哄悓涓?被鍨嬶紝涓棿杞彂缃戠粶涓哄叾瀹冪被鍨嬨?

聽聽聽 ULP (楂樺眰鍗忚)锛氱敤浜庡厜绾ら?閬撲粙璐ㄤ笌FC-4灞備箣闂寸殑鍗忚銆備唬琛ㄦ?鐨勬湁 SCSI锛孖P锛孒iPPI 鍜?IPI 鍗忚銆?br />
聽聽聽 Unicast(楂樺眰鍗忚)锛氱敤浜庡厜绾ら?閬撲粙璐ㄤ笌FC-4灞備箣闂寸殑鍗忚銆備唬琛ㄦ?鐨勬湁 SCSI锛孖P锛孒iPPI 鍜?IPI 鍗忚銆?br />
聽聽聽 VAR(澧炲?杞敭鍟?

聽聽聽 VCSEL(鍨傜洿琛ㄩ潰婵?厜鍙戝皠鍣?锛氫竴绉嶇粡鏀硅壇鐨勶紝鏇村姞鍙潬鐨勬縺鍏夊彂灏勫櫒銆?br />
聽聽聽 Virtual circuit(铏氱數璺?锛?N_Port 绔彛涔嬮棿鐨勪竴鏉″崟鍚戦?璺紝鍏佽鍑犱釜浼犺緭鍏辩敤鍏ㄩ儴甯﹀銆?br />
聽聽聽 WAN(骞垮煙缃?

聽聽聽 WDM (骞垮煙缃?

聽聽聽 World-Wide Name鐢ㄤ簬鏋舵瀯鑺傜偣鍜岀鍙g殑涓?釜64姣旂壒娉ㄥ唽鏍囪瘑绗︺?璇ユ爣璇嗙鏄叏鐞冨敮涓?殑銆?br />
聽聽聽 Zoning(鍒嗗尯)锛氭灦鏋勪氦鎹㈡満鎴栭泦绾垮櫒鐨勪竴椤瑰姛鑳斤紝鍏佽鎸夌収鑺傜偣鐨勭墿鐞嗙鍙o紝鑺傜偣鍚嶆垨鑺傜偣鍦板潃瀵硅妭鐐硅繘琛屽垎娈点?


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

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